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british lawnmower museum

In “sunny” Southport lies one of the most unique museums in the world.
Run with passion and integrity, it has the potential to become the talk of the town but there’s some work to be done.

• rebrand
• ui

The re-brand called for a new logo and name so I started by looking at what made the museum so unique in the first place. Three key terms emerged and were used throughout the brand generation process.

• British
• Quirky
• Once-In-A-Lifetime

The logo and name change are references to the creator of the lawnmower, Edwin Beard Budding. The illustration is an interpretation on the original cutting blades still found in some lawnmowers today.
Puns and innuendo are amazing tools when used appropriately. The museum isn’t a contemporary art collection so the brand shouldn’t take itself too seriously.

A simple digital presence is a top priority as the primary audience is made up of tourists. A single scroll website simplifies the existing experience while narrowing the focus to help conversion. Desktop version on the telly and mobile below.