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why pokies?

I also DJ and make music under that alias so I thought it’d be nice to keep it all under one creative roof. Pokies is a fun word with a bad association so why not try to change it up!

whats the story?

Did a marketing degree at The University of QLD.
Spent 3 years in London and Berlin.
Worked at Macquarie Bank, Deliveroo, NTS Radio and Cashmere Radio.
Visa ran its course so I moved back to Brisbane.
Wanted to do more than just marketing so I studied Graphic Design at Shillington.
Moved to Melbourne just in time for lockdown and winter. 🆒
Back on the job hunt. Let’s chat!

what am I up to?

Learning new tools like TouchDesigner and Glyphs. *progress here*
Building an online radio platform with Webflow. (coming soon)
Struggling to maintain my Duolingo progress in Deutsch and Spanish.
Making music that you probably won’t like.
Attending Zoom events and annoying all the recruiters I can.