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Going back to what made the station so powerful in the past by engaging with the young people of Brisbane in political issues and alternate music/art.

• Campaign Ideation
• Execution

Climate strikes, wage stagnation, university fees and housing affordability have lead to Australia’s youth becoming more politically engaged. Brisbane community radio station, 4ZZZ, was created under the same circumstances by young students in 1975 but doesn’t maintain the reputation it once had. 
The Question Everything campaign aims to reignite the station’s power while giving the diverse youth of Brisbane a platform for expression and discourse.

We tend to base our own opinions of those influencers and politicians we see and hear everyday. Their eyes and mouths often tell contradicting stories so it feels right using them to push the campaign message. 
Utilising a modular poster system allows the campaign to become adaptable depending on the environment the posters are placed in. It’s important to recognise the opinions and tastes of any non-English speakers as their alternate ideas can push a scene/society forward in rewarding ways.