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Lockdown gave me the chance to execute an idea for an online radio station. I’ve been involved with groundbreaking stations around the world so I’m hoping it helps others in the same way they helped me.

• brand creation
• website

The creation of 23 has given me the opportunity to learn a heap of new tools. In particular, learning Webflow and Blender alongside using After Effects and Illustrator have helped realise and legitimise ideas I’ve had stewing in my brain. The beauty of this project is it’s entirely mine and is open to constant adjustment, as long as the core value is maintained. 

The logo is a great example. I toyed with a number of standard numeric type styles and forms but I wanted to maintain accessability from the start. English numerals, although common, feel a bit too “Western”. Hilariously bordering on contradiction, I decided roman numerals as the simple stroke evoke the numerical meaning whilst also becoming more playful when arranged to make a face. I’ve gone with the rough stroke texture at this time to reinforce the fact is this is a still a rough idea at this point and that polish and refinement will come over time. 

At the end of the day, it’s super simple and can be drawn by anyone.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a web dev but my understanding of HTML, CSS and JS greatly improved building the site using Webflow. This site uses Cargo but I was keen to play the field a bit as I feel the no code/low code approach is taking over in the world of front-end web design.

The site itself though is super simple 2 pager but pulls off some neat tricks. I’ve found UI design has become a bit boring as I think the numbers are given more weight over innovation and ideas. I chose a simple gray/red colour scheme with enough contrast for it to remain visually accessable but I’ve dedicated the entire hero section of the home page for visual experiments going forward. Keen to see how 23 evolves. Screen grabs below.

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